Sunday, March 17, 2013

Epcot, Feb, 2013

Our third stop in Disney World was Epcot. 

Mommy and Savta had been here twice, once when Mommy was about my age and once when she was least 23.  Savta said it was good the first time but she didn't like it the second time.  Zekey and I liked everything.

We got a map of Epcot.  First Mommy got savta a latte before we entered.  Savta really really liked it--she doesn't like the coffee at the hotel.  When we entered we saw the big Epcot globe (#1 below)  The lower section had the rides and the top part around the lake had all the countries.  Since I know the names of a lot of countries and can find them on the map, it was fun to see them.
Here is Mommy in front of the big globe. 
Actually Savta took the picture below at night as we were leaving.
We got to Epcot at 10 and Savta got us fast passes for a ride called "Soarin."   But we couldn't get in until 3 p.m. There were lots of people there!!!!
So we then went to the ride of "The Seas with Nemo and Friends." 
We sat in a "clamobile."  
  Savta said the ride was cute. Zekey and I think everything is fun. Savta took the picture below when we left the ride.
I found our stroller at the stroller parking lot.  It had mommy's yellow bag on it.
Zekey rode in the stroller a lot.  Here is a picture Mommy took.
I liked climbing and looking at things:
 After a while, we walked to a play ground.  It wasn't too busy and Zekey and I had a lot of fun there.
I worked hard climbing through the rings.  You can see Zekey behind me.  He needed help from Mommy.

 I sometimes needed some help too.
 Wow!  This was tricky.  It was anchored to the ground but moved a lot.

 I made it to the top!!! Zekey tried.
 Mommy climbed too!  Savta didn't.  She just took pictures.
 I am good at balancing.
 Zekey worked hard to climb to the top.
 Wow!  Savta took a great photo of Zekey in motion!
We walked by the play park in the afternoon and it was really crowded.  Savta said it was a good thing we went in the morning!

Here is another view of the globe.  There were lots of pretty flowers at Epcot but not a lot of rides.  Savta said that a lot of the science area was out-of-date.
So we went up to the country area.  First we went to Mexico. I'm outside of a pyramid, waiting for Zekey to climb up to me.
 Savta liked this mural so she took a picture of it.
 We all tried on the sombreros in the store inside.  The inside was like a great big store.

Then we went on a cool ride called "Grand Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros." Donald was trying to find something and he went all over Mexico to find it.
This part looked a bit like "It's a Small World."

Then we walked over to Norway.  That statue is of a Viking.  Vikings lived about 1000 years ago, savta said.
Savta thought the houses (really stores) looked cute.
  We went on a ride there called Maelstrom.  It was a five-minute Viking boat "voyage."  It was dark most of the time so savta had a hard time taking pictures.
Norway has a lot of oil rigs in the ocean.
 This was a river town at night.
 and during the day.
 People in Norway are good skiers.
Then we tried on hats again.  There were a lot of stores and some restaurants there too.

We also climbed on a troll in the store by the hats.  It was really hard to stand on it.

We were getting hungry and it was time to head back down to the restaurant where Mommy made reservations.  It is called the Coral Reef Restaurant and it has a big aquarium in it.  Mommy and Savta didn't know to ask for a table near the fish, so we sat far back.  Next time we will know better!
We had a paper that told us about the animals in the aquarium.

 This was Zekey's kid's meal but after he ordered it, he didn't want the fish or mommy's shrimp.  He and I ate a LOT of bread before our food came.
We saw a shark.
I had fun hiding Zekey.
Where's Zekey?
There he is!
Savta took a lot of pictures of Mommy and me near the Nemo sign.  Zekey didn't want to get his picture taken.

While we were waiting to get into see "Turtle Talk with Crush," we saw some neat fish.

Then Zekey and I sat on the floor with the other kids.
Crush talked to us, but then when kids asked him questions, he answer them.  It was really cool.  Neither Savta nor Mommy knew how he did it.  Oh, and Crush's favorite word was "dude."  He told us a lot about turtles.

We saw a lot more fish and real turtles too.  Savta thought I got a bit bored.

 Then we saw some jaw bones from sharks.
 I measured my mouth next to the smallest one (Port Jackson shark) but the shark jaw bone was MUCH bigger.
We finally got to go on "Soarin" and it was good.  Savta and Mommy thought it was ok. 

Savta said it didn't seem like we were really soaring because we could see the feet of the people above us.  The breeze was nice.
We then went on another ride and saw some food that they grow at Epcot that people eat in the restaurants there.  Also they are growing fruit and vegetables in different ways from different places.  It was OI.

I liked the cartoon at the end because it had Simba of the Lion King.  He was telling his pal that it is important  protect things in nature and building a lot can polute..
Then we went back to the countries and went first to Canada.  The big house below was decorated like some totem poles.

Mommy tried on a moose hat.
 Savta liked this t-shirt.
I pushed Zekey a lot but I also wanted a turn sitting in the stroller.  It wasn't fair for Zekey to be in it all the time.   I am a good helper.
 There was a cool waterfall behind this building.
Then we went to the United Kingdom.  It really isn't next to Canada, but it is in Epcot. A famous Tea comes from there. 

France was next and we saw the Eiffel Tower.  There was not a lot to do in these countries except shop or buy food.
 and some posters in French.
I was getting a bit antsy so Mommy gave me an upsidedown ride to Morocco.
Zekey and I played in the water pool in France and then climbed a bit in Morocco.  The buildings were pretty.

Savta was getting tired and wated to go on ahead, so I said that I would go with her.
We sat in front of Japan and looked at the map together.
  We sorta walked by the American Adventure and Italy.
Germany had a cool train set in front of it.
 and some cool tall buildings.  They were selling a lot of food there.  There were a lot of people so Savta and I ran around them.  Then Savta got tired and asked me to walk.  I did really well.
Then we went ot the Outpost. They were selling a lot of stuff, but I had fun playing on the drums. I also tried on a hat.
Right after that we saw a really pretty sunset.
When we got to China, we saw some cool acrobats.   They were twirling big drums and a table on their feet!  We watched for about 15 minutes and I stood on the back of a bench and held on to a pole (with Savta's help) to watch. 

Savta and I took the bus home and I had my favorite food for dinner, mac and cheese, yogurt, applesauce and juice.  Yum!
It was fun today but I think Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom were more fun.  I am glad Mommy and Zekey and I are going back to Magic Kingdom tomorrow.  Savta has to fly home earlier than we do, so we won't be with her tomrrow.